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Why Choose Agora?

Organically Grown | Non-GMO | cGMP Certified

– Physician owned and operated
– Grower and manufacturer – Vertically Integrated
– cGMP certified
– All-natural, non-GMO and organically grown in the USA
– Tinctures are lemon flavored
– No pesticides, solvents, chemicals or heavy metals
– Highest levels of Active Driven Terpenes  and other naturally occurring Terpenes with high bioavailability.
– Tinctures and Gel Caps have 3-5 times the absorption compared to typical Active Driven terpene products. The RELIEF Topical Gel has sub-atomic size particles (2 Nano- meters) for fast deep penetration.
– All Agora Active Driven Terpenes products contain the  highest  levels of natural terpenes rendering the products more effective than other brands.

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What are Terpenes

Terpenes are simply aromatic organic compounds. Terpenes are found naturally in many plants and even in some insects. Active Driven Terpenes  are the essential oils that enhance the effect of AGORA products. AGORA products have naturally high levels of terpenes.
Why Do Terpenes Matter?
Many researchers have emphasized the pharmacological importance of terpenes. In addition to giving cannabis its natural, distinctive scent and flavor, terpenes have many medical benefits. These benefits include pain reduction, easing depression and anxiety, and fighting bacterial and fungal infections. Terpenes are also responsible for imparting the “Entourage Effect”.
How Do Terpenes Work
Agora plants have around 200 types of terpenes, but only a few appear in amounts substantial enough to be noteworthy. Among them are monoterpenes, diterpenes, and sesquiterpenes, characterized by the number of repeating units of isoprene. Isoprene is a 5-carbon molecule, and the structural hallmark of all terpenoid compounds. When combined with AGORA product organic ingredients, terpenes bind to neurotransmitters and receptors in the brain. Terpenes increase dopamine activity which helps ease anxiety, boost productive energy and ease pain. 
Terpenes And The “Entourage Effect”
The “entourage effect” occurs when all of the compounds within the plant work together to magnify the plant’s therapeutic benefits. The Entourage Effect has long been associated with Broad Spectrum Active Driven Terpene products. Today, new research has found that Terpene rich oil from these plants can also produce the “Entourage Effect”. This is great news for Broad Spectrum Terpene rich  product users who want to experience the ultimate synergy of Active Driven Terpene  and reap the maximum possible health and wellness benefits.

From Our Customers

“Before Agora PCR (phytocannabinoid-rich) products I spent a fortune on doctors, medications, and supplements. I had lost hope thinking my life would consist of thyroid problems, ocular migraines, leaky gut, chronic fatigue, sleepless nights, and hormonal imbalances. A friend of mine recommended Agora PCR oil and I was completely blown away. After a few days, I noticed better sleep and an overall sense of wellbeing. After one week, many of my symptoms were gone. I’m extremely grateful for this product and looking forward to seeing my health transform.”

“My dad, a 32 year Navy veteran has been suffering from PTSD, bipolar depression, schizophrenia, and diabetes for over 20 years. At 82, he has been in and out of hospitals for the last 24 months. His psychiatrist was adjusting his p[syche meds to stabilize him and his blood sugar was just erratic. Since I placed my dad on Agora PCR (phytocannabinoid-rich) oil, He’s been mentally stable, more alert and sleeps throughout the night. His blood sugar has improved.”

“As an Esthetician, I have been experiencing a great amount of pain and numbness from the right part of my neck down to my right index finger. Each day, the pain and numbness got worse. Agora PCR (phytocannabinoid-rich) products changed everything. my numbness and pain went away the first time I used it. Thank you Agora.”

” I have Psoriatic Arthritis and have been on traditional anti-inflammatories for many years. A few days after taking Agora PCR (phytocannabinoid-rich) products orally, my joint pains and body aches practically disappeared and I was sleeping more soundly and relaxed. I am a satisfied customer of Agora PCR oil and plan to continue its use so I can derive the many other benefits.”

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